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+ How does the taste profiling work? Our local Cicerone carefully crafted our Taste Survey to identify the critical flavours which please your unique palate. With this knowledge your monthly order is hand picked based upon what you love. Every beer we deliver is selected to pair with your profile.

+ When do you deliver? Whenever you'd like! We offer several delivery windows in which you can choose the time that works best for you! This can be done in the checkout process or within your account settings.

+ Is there a charge for delivery? Yes, there is a $8 delivery fee, although additions to your order do not increase the fee.

+ How often does YYC Craft introduce new labels? We enjoy discovering new beer just as much as you! We are committed to presenting our customers with new selections every month. When we're really excited about a particular label, we'll also feature it in our online beer Shop.

+ Can I add extra bottles of beer onto my monthly subscription? Feel free to browse our online Beer Shop and select the bottles you wish to add. These will be shipped no later than your monthly beer subscription - you can also add bottles of your favourite craft beer.

+ What if I change my mind and want something different? If you'd like to change your taste profile at any time simply log into your account and retake the taste survey. Your new taste preferences will affect deliveries as soon as 48 hours after the change is made.

+ Can I review previous deliveries and payments? Yes - feel free to log into your YYC Craft account at any time to review your entire order history.

+ What if I wish to cancel my subscription? You may cancel at any time - no charge. Log in to the YYC Craft website using your username and password. Visit your Profile and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.